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15 inspirational Websites!!!

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Starting off web two right!!!

Mercedes-Benz Canada – Sedans, Coupes, Convertibles, SUVs and Wagons

Mercedes-Benz Luxury Cars: Sedans, SUVs, Coupes and Wagons

Design Milk: Design Blog with Interior Design, Modern Furniture, & Art

Games – Free Online Games at Addicting Games!

Wing Cheng | Graphic and Web Designer

Webdesignbureau en internetbureau Inglorie Rotterdam – Webdesign, Vindbaarheid website en Online Ads

Downtown Detroit Partnership Downtown Detroit Partnership

BROKEDESIGN :-: Andretti Brown Freelance Graphic Designer in Raleigh, NC

The Creative Mind

NOMOON – Agence créative & décalée

design bloggs

The Design Blog

Graphic Design Inspiration, Tutorials, Resources, Freebies, and More! – You The Designer

Design | WIRED

Color + Design Blog / Scribble: One Pen, Any Color by COLOURlovers :: COLOURlovers

popWhat’s in Your Toolbox: Our Favorites | Design*Sponge


Week 15 Reflection on the class “the Web I experience”

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All in all i think Website development is fun its cool to see the brains behind the program with out the aspect of taking the computer apart =D. Web2  should be really cool Hopefully in Web2 we get to learn more about floating panels and action bars for better interaction with a website. I might just use web design as a side note to my Passion but The knowledge that i obtain while doing it will help me along this road heavily. It is a whole different Light to look at and It pushes me to talk in fluent sentences instead of rhythm and flow like how i do in my songs and the ones i record with the group that i am in. Web I stripping my soul beat me up and left me out to dry trying to learn all the jargon. But Once i started to do more hands on the feeling of dying a slow death from depression subsided and i can tolerate the pain of it now. Its a really stressful road i don’t want to pave… well i might Pave it but I not driving it… unless i have to.


Week 13 Resume

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this is a resume that I created for my resumers that like to look at resumes. I cant go a day without working its just in me to work non stop so i design my first draft resume on the basis on where i am now just learning the basics and getting the frame work to everything that is digital. I want to add Web design to it but Im not comfortable with it. I like to Express my self and get the message that i feel fits the subject. so designing 2d is my comfort zone.



week 11 Portfolio site custom creation

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Getting DuskyDesigns to the Masses!

Even though my word press is a portfolio site i guess i have know choice but to create another. i want to make a statement that Every final art pice is Refined I don’t half bake any project and put it out and finished. Being a design professional but with a modern/urban twist. my target audience is expressive artist with a technical sense of style. i want it to look clean and refined but have an urban spin on it. DuskyDesigns will be a place holder in the market that will move to the top breaking the glass ceiling that is created by thousands of artist in the same field.


week 10 Reflection upon my Web Developement Life.

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Web Design is for the English majors , there is so much typing and writing that it leaves me with an un necessary feeling of WHYYYYYYY!!!!! every time i go to type in a code. it really is interesting designing from a programers point of view instead of from a artist/design perspective. but i feel a little bit better with designing websites i just would not want to do it for a living. I like the feel of a pen in my hands creating magic through line and points and rulers. I do admit it did help me get a little more comfortable with typing actual sentences instead of shortcuts like (command+ z ) ,(shift+opt+command+ e), and (b,v,a,w). shortcuts progressed my hunt and peck method but with code you have to know where every key is at all times. Working in pixels is difficult because of the knowledge of metric and inches. It also help fput more confusion on me because of from typography we work in points and picas but building a portfolio site with this knowledge should be cool. because what  coders do is an interesting thing to know if you enjoy tis kind of stuff.


“A dusky perspective…”

Week 8 Saporiti Portfolio site

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I found this Portfolio site when i took Typography I and i really like the style of Saporitis work. How i came upon this portfolio was when our class was studying modular grids to create our own type. Using grids can help dramatically to create uniformity of the subject and also help an artist utilize the space available. this is an excerpt from a focus and content paper i written for the class on their major piece call the read your own book case.

Read Your Book Case
created by Eva Alessandrini, Robert Saporiti

“Read Your book case uses a sanserif modular type using 51x51x31cm grid. the letter spacing is set by the edge of the boxes so the grid is visible to the eye. What interested me in to this piece of work was the usefulness of the piece. What makes this amazing is that the design is 2d but the construction is 3d, it can be acually used to hold books. Also the letters and be rearranged to have a certain customization to it. Perfect for a client who likes to have their own style with words.”

what made it really interesting to me was that the case was built out of blocks that could be separated and used in your own way so if you wanted to have a book case that says “DIVE IN TO A GOOD BOOK” then it could be done with their awesome solution for creativity and books.

100 different ways to use css and java script!!!!!!

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check out this intuitive website that shows you how to use css and java when working with website. having trouble understanding well click the link and find out. It has a bunch of different ways you can incorporate images, text and other structural things you can add to your website to make you an expert on web design.